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Great Quality Hat, Not For Big Heads
love my Hoodie
Did not received yet !
Item has not arrived yet
The braves FDNY
Did not received
Quality Hats
Two thumbs up to you
Love It
Ordre did not received
Hi Catherine, thanks for your patience - the Covid issues put a complete hold on shipments to a lot of countries and it seems Luxembourg is on the list. Good news is that there is finally a scan that the package is moving again.. there was no activity since April 6th but May 14th it finally left Newark International airport and is currently in transit to the destination. Now the actual delivery time depends on the incoming customs and post office handling time in LUX. This is a priority shipment and under normal circumstances you should receive within the next few days. Thanks for your patience and understanding we truly appreciate it. Stay safe! -DJ.
I never received it!
Sarah, this is really a customer support issue and you should have reached out to us instead of leaving a product review. Due to Covid19 - all mail to SAUDI ARABIA is in a delay 'Suspension Due to Unavailability of Transportation' and this can be verified here: This is not something we can control from our end. I thank you for your patience and understanding. We shipped out as quickly as we could and as soon as your postal system is up and running you will receive your package. We guarantee it.
Great T!
I loveeee this hat!!!
Great Value &!Quality
I love NY ribbed tank top
Love it!